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Don’t settle until you get the look you desire!

We make your interior space aesthetically pleasing for a better living.

Do you know?

Everything that surrounds you triggers emotion and affects your mood. Not just people, but the space and objects that surround you in a particular setting. Be it an interior/outdoor space, room, or workplace.

For example – The layout of the room, Vastu directions, lighting, and fixtures, furniture, color, plants, décor items, etc. All these elements affect your mental and physical health. A good interior design focuses on every minute detail in order to create the desired ambiance and environment that stimulates positive energy, reduces anxiety and improves focus to light up your mood.

Why Choose Us?

Our expert designers can help bring your vision to life. Period!!

We are one of the best Interior Designing service providers in the Republic of Uganda. We provide a one-stop solution for all of your interior design needs. Our skilled interior designers have a methodical knowledge of the designing process, from the architecture to the finishing details — and everything in-between.

We work closely with architects, construction and contracting professionals. For you, this means the project runs smoothly from start to finish without any hassle.

How do we do it?

You have a vision, and we know how to bring it to life.

Our talented team of skilled problem-solvers guides you through a customized selection process, so you find the right elements for your unique commercial or residential space. With expert advice, efficient communication, and short delivery time we will help you achieve your project goals.

Client consultation for modern interior design at Optimum Interior Design

What is our Guided Process?



We communicate with you on a rigorous basis and throughout the project to know your vision, and goals and adjust the outcomes of the project. Our expert team will collaborate with you to understand your taste, desire, aims, and ideas for your interior design project. We will discuss the design goals, scope, application, budget, and timeline so that your vision is efficiently articulated to us.


Design Requirement Gathering

We gather every detail that will help us plan and complete the project within budget and on time. These include space measurements, product selection, color options, custom options, and other details that are important for you to incorporate into the interior design project.


Plan and Design

As per the specifications collected, our interior architect will plan, design, and transform the blueprint into 3D models, and CAD drawings so that every detail meets your expectation.


Share and Review

The design will be shared and reviewed with you for any changes or adjustments. We won’t settle until you are satisfied with the design plan.



Once you approve of the design, we then start executing the plan to make your vision come to reality within your budget and timeline.
Client consultation for modern interior design at Optimum Interior Design


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